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Through Plekky, you can easily sublet part or all of your office to another cool startup. We market your Plekky, do the viewings, take care of contracts and provide an income stream. Subletting with only the advantages. 


Curious about the possibilities?

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The benefits

1. Save on your rent costs

Are you renting an office on growth? Or have more people started working hybrid recently, resulting in understaffing? Avoid interim overheads and save by (sub)renting (part of) your office through Plekky.

2. Efficient use of space

With Plekky, you make optimal use of available office space. We rent your office for a term starting from 1 year or longer, until you need the space again.

3. Share your knowledge

With Plekky, you bring an innovative company into your home. This way, you create an inspiring environment for your organisation where different generations can come together and grow together.


Curious about the possibilities?

Leave your information and we'll get back to you soon!

Curious about the possibilities?

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Frequently asked questions

How long do I rent (out) an office?

Generally, you (re)rent your office through Plekky for 1 year. We have seen that this is the most pleasant term for both tenant and landlord. Of course, in many cases you can extend the contract.

What does it cost to rent out my office?

For letting your office, we usually charge 12-15% over the first year's rent. For this, we give advice on the possibilities of your office, take professional photos, suggest potential tenants, do the viewings, provide a good tenancy agreement, do a key handover and take care of the right after-care such as facilitating the rental flow.

What does it cost to rent an office through Plekky?

Searching and/or renting an office through Plekky, there are no costs for the tenant.

Am I allowed to sublet my office?

In many cases, it is allowed to sublet (part of) the office. However, it is important to get permission from the landlord and/or owner. In many cases, they will agree to this. Of course, we are happy to think along with you and you can request our 'subletting permission proposal' without any obligation.

Is (sub)letting my Plekky safe?

For renting out your Plekky, we have good (sub)lease contracts. This way, good agreements are made in advance and we avoid unpleasant situations.

Can I also rent (out) individual workstations?

With Plekky, we only rent out office spaces, so no single workstations.

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