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JVDB Studios x Qontent Matters

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We're pleased to introduce you to JVDB Studio's and Qontent Matters.


JVDB studios

JVDB helps brands reach their target audience in the most organic way: by creating 'viral content' that makes people shine and entertains them all around the world. With a large in-house YouTube channel and collaborations with major clients, JVDB Studio's is at the absolute top!

"We were looking for a tenant for our office. Plekky took the lead right away and quickly presented us with various parties to rent from. Plekky then took care of the whole picture and worked professionally. We also really enjoyed the personal contact with the gentlemen." ~ Maurice van den Oever - JVDB Studios


Qontent Matters

Qontent Matters is a creative content agency in Amsterdam. They're in love with our capital city, even though their employees come from all corners of the country. Qontent Matters is always curious about what moves people, where they are, and what keeps them busy. And that comes in handy. This way, they know exactly how to reach who, with what, and where.



Due to changes within the company, JVDB Studios needed a different office space. Since the current office's lease contract still had a few years to run, we went to work for JVDB to find a company that could take over the contract through a 'substitution'. With our network of businesses and our dedicated approach, we were able to quickly provide them with a great solution.

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"Plekky looks at the whole picture. The guys from Plekky maintain personal contact and are good at bringing different parties together."

~ Maurice van den Oever - JVDB Studios

Plattegrond kantoorruimte

Here you can see how the office is divided into two parts. This way, both parties have their own (private) office and access.


Portret tom remy plekky

Tom Remy

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